Things are changing at Left Gamer Review!

After a long and basically unsuccessful intervention in the “real world,” we at Left Gamer Review are scurrying back to the dark side of the Internet to get back to what we do best (which is not to say well): yakking about video games! Keep an eye out for the following exciting new content:

  • Our classically snarky reviews of major new titles, including Metal Gear: Revengeance [sic], Dead Space 3, and the new Tomb Raider!
  • Scintillating commentary on the PS4, OUYA, and next-gen console question!
  • Patient explaining of why video game violence ≠ shooting up the place!
  • And much, much more!

[DISCLAIMER: Promises to post new material should not be interpreted as promises to post new material.]

In the meantime, why aren’t you all watching the latest from Feminist Frequency?

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